"Top 10 Wedding Photographer in Canada"

- Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada, 2016

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Jessica + Matt

Martin captured our wedding photos and we couldn’t have asked for a better photographer. All of the shots were creative and candid. He was patient and always went the extra mile to make sure he got the perfect shot. He made the day fun and relaxing with the wedding party and our family/friends. We’ve gotten so many comments on our photos and would HIGHLY recommend Martin as your photographer. You will not regret it!!!

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Elyssa + Isaac

Martin is an awesome photographer for all the important qualities that any person would be looking for in a photographer - talented, creative, super friendly, patient and funny!

Martin took professional photos for our engagement shoot and wedding day. We were impressed with the final set of photos for both days. I ordered two large canvasses of our engagement pictures (which I displayed at our wedding) and I already created a customized album using favourite shots of my wedding day.

Martin was always responsive to any questions my husband and I had. We felt comfortable at every step of the process for our engagement and wedding shoots. My family also commented on how passionate and genuine Martin is as a photographer and person.

I would strongly recommend choosing Martin for any photo shoot! Thanks again Martin for saying yes to being our wedding photographer :)

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Adrienne + TD

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Martin. We had our engagement shoot and wedding photography done, and we are amazed with his work. He really takes the time to get to know you as a couple and captures key moments in a very natural way. While he is very open and flexible to requests, we left him to his own devices and let his creativity shine - and we're so glad we did! Big bonus: our guests loved him too!! 😁 Thanks for everything, Martin!

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Tanja + Herve

Martin's work is amazing! He did our engagement and wedding pictures. Martin was very easy to communicate with; he provided excellent information to help us prepare for the big day. The engagement shoot was very relaxed and he was very flexible about the location! The pictures turned out amazing.
On the wedding day, Martin spent over 12 hours with us. Martin captured so many big and small moments. The two of us, our families, and our bridal party enjoyed working with Martin - he is easy-going, interactive, funny, and makes everyone feel relaxed!
I love how he captured our personalities and those of many of our guests. I remember how loud the party was, and yet some of the pictures look like quiet, intimate moments. The final pictures are unique and beautiful, we couldn't wish for anything more! I hope we get to work with him again.

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Sarah + Justin

I don’t know where to begin to explain how wonderful it was to work with Martin throughout the entire wedding process. From our very first meeting I immediately felt comfortable and confident that he would be an asset to our day and it only got better form there.

Early on we did not think we would be able to do an engagement shoot since Martin and our wedding were in Ontario, I was in Saskatoon and my husband was in Calgary. But then like magic it worked out that we were all in Saskatoon on the same evening. Martin made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera and was so patient, even when we had to stop for a snack pit stop. He even managed to turn it into a photo-op. I am so glad that we ended up doing the engagement shoot because it let us get comfortable having a camera present for our private moments before the wedding day. The engagement photos turned out so beautifully. I have never spent so much time looking at pictures of myself. Martin was able to take our evening stroll and turn it into art.

Between the shoot and the wedding Martin was an invaluable resource. We had several phone calls where we went through the day and he gave so much advice about how to make the day run smoothly and how small adjustments might make for better photos too. Some days his role was more wedding planner then photographer. He went above and beyond in this regard, even being the necessary voice of reason as I started to stress over unnecessary things.

The day before the wedding Martin texted and asked if he could bring along an extra shooter because he had a friend who he had been wanting to shoot a wedding with and our weekend worked ideally for them. So at the last minute we went from having one amazing photographer to two and we couldn’t have been happier. Martin and Mathieu blended in seamlessly with the guests and the feel of the day. Weeks and months out from the wedding people are still talking about how great the photographers were (even before they had seen the photos). I hadn’t realized before the wedding but as the bride I spent more time with Martin on my wedding day then anyone else (including my husband) . I don’t know if the day would have been the same without his energy and expert presence. He helped guide use through the day reassuring me that all of the chaos is totally normal (and will make for great photos). It actually felt weird saying goodbye at the end of the day.

This is getting long but I must still talk about the photos that came out of the whole experience. They were BREATH-TAKING!!! I thought I loved my engagement photos but the wedding photos were something else. When he sent me the gallery and I played through it I was transported back to the best day of our lives presented through the lens of experts. I am definitely biased towards the subject matter but I have received so many complements on the photos from friends, family and strangers. People consistently say they have never seen wedding photos like that before because of how amazing they are. Even my aunt, who scoffed at why anyone would want photos of yourself getting dressed, came around and said she understood what all the fuss was about.

If you believe it, this is an edited and shortened version of my rave review of Martin. I could, and have, gone on much more about how wonderful he is and how lucky I am that he was recommended to me. So if you have read down this far let me do pass on the favour and say you should get in touch with Martin you’ll love him. Sometimes I get jealous of his future couples because they still have the whole experience ahead of them. He may say he tries to only shoot weddings and engagements but I plan to wear him down for family photos in a couple years.

In summary Martin was an asset to the entire wedding planning, wedding executing and obviously wedding documenting process. He clearly loves what he does and that comes across in every aspect of his work. We are truly blessed to have gone through this experience with you. Thank you Martin!!!

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Hannah + Phil

Where do I begin… My now husband and I got engaged on October 8, 2016 and one of the first things I did (like every bride) was I started browsing Pinterest, bridal magazines and “advice” web pages. One of the most common recommendations was "hire your photographer early” especially if you want a good one. Soon after we got engaged we decided we wanted to get married in June 2017 which didn’t leave us a whole lot of time. After many phone calls and e-mails back that photographers weren’t available on our preferred date someone referred us to Martin. From the very beginning Martin was personable, knowledgable, organized and professional. Martin shot our engagement session and our wedding day. We met Martin in person for the first time when we showed up for our engagement shoot considering we were all living in different cities and my husband in a difference province. From the engagement photos to the wedding photos Martin made us feel like something more than just two subjects behind a lens - it definitely could have been far more awkward. Martin's ability to relate and make us feel at ease created a rapport which, on one of the biggest, dreamiest days of our lives so far, helped make us feel comfortable and allowed for some phenomenal candid shots that weren’t your typical staged shots. His work is phenomenal, unique and his photos reveal so much emotion. As I went through our photos I could remember exactly what would have been said during speeches when Martin captured my dad tearing up at the dinner table. Martin just seemed to get every single photo you hope to have when you get your final set back. Martin also is not afraid to do anything (lying on the ground or standing on boxes) or have us do anything to get the perfect shot such as encouraging us to roll around in the snow or walk through the buggiest forest ever. He was fun, adventurous and made us all feel comfortable, including our bridal party and families. Martin also provided us a lot of insight into the planning process, timelines and ensuring that we were kept on schedule but still got all the photos we hoped for. After photos started to surface on social media comments back were that the photos are beautiful and “where did you find him”. A big thanks to Jessie (second shooter). Martin, I don’t know how many times we have thanked you for the photos but also a huge thank you for all your advice, recommendations and help with the planning process - you exceeded our expectations. And once again, thank you for capturing our day so beautifully and producing absolutely stunning photos.

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Paola + Jason

Martin and Lesley were absolutely wonderful to work with since day one! No hassle, easy going, and exceptionally talented!! Loved every single one of our engagement and wedding photos and have had nothing but compliments on them as well! Even at the wedding reception guests were complimenting on how Martin was always there capturing the moment! Love it! Thank you so much guys!!! :)

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Malika + Terry

Martin was absolutely great to work with! He shot my wedding, and I couldn't be happier with the images I got. They are all so unique, which was what I was looking for. We have received so many compliments on them! He was super outgoing and made us feel comfortable in front of the camera instantly. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for beautiful and creative photography!

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Michelle + Pawel

I cannot say enough positive things about our experience with Martin. We researched photographers online, and what drew us to Martin’s photos was that none of them looked staged. The subjects of his photos always look so relaxed and genuinely happy. Their emotions really come through. When we initially called him to chat for the first time (we live in Edmonton and got married in Ottawa, so phone interviews were necessary) we were impressed by how honest and outgoing he was. He told us very candidly what we should expect from a photographer on our wedding day and before. He had lots of fantastic advice for a couple just starting to plan their big day. One of the best pieces was “you’re going to spend more time with your photographer than anyone else besides your spouse on your wedding day, so make sure you get along with them!”. We couldn’t help but get along with Martin. He is very funny and open, and genuinely cares for the people he works with.
We did our engagement shoot in August 2015 and had a blast. Martin managed to take all the awkwardness away from having cameras aimed at us for a few hours and really got us to have fun. He wanted to know why the location we had chosen was special to us, and made sure that elements of our personal story were included in our photo shoot. Again, I can’t stress enough how fun he made it for us- and you can tell from our photos! We played in puddles, threw pine cones, tried some aerial acrobatics, and even went for a paddle in the river. We laughed for hours. It was great!
As planning progressed leading up to the wedding, we relied on Martin’s experience and advice many time. He offered his insight to us (he’s been to many more weddings than we had!) and helped us go over schedules and ideas for the day. He absolutely went above and beyond the call of duty in this respect and we couldn’t be more thankful for his wisdom!
In July 2016, on the wedding day itself, Martin once again was wonderful. Martin and Lesley showed up early to take photos of us getting ready, eating breakfast, and enjoying our last hours of single life. During the ceremony, Martin managed to get photos from every angle (I’m not sure how he did it, he must have been sprinting around!). Lesley was great at organizing the family for group shots. During our photo session Martin and Lesley were a great team- coming up with settings and poses, and maximizing our time – even in some questionable weather! Friends and family got the chance to meet Martin and Lesley during the reception, while he circulated and got lots of great shots of our guests. Many people told me afterwards how impressed they were by his friendliness, his charisma, his sense of humor and his unobtrusiveness throughout the night. Martin and Lesley put in an incredibly long day for us – arriving early in the morning to get ready, and staying late into the night. Throughout the whole day they were a great team, endlessly energetic and positive.
The photos themselves… wow! We are so impressed with the quality and creativity of his work. The feelings of the day radiate from the photographs, and our personalities are captured perfectly.
In summary, I cannot say enough about Martin. His personality and energy made our wedding day even more enjoyable. The quality of his work will be appreciated for our entire lives. We are so grateful for his willingness to go above and beyond, providing us with advice and friendship throughout. Our sincerest thanks to Martin!

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Suzie + Aaron

Over the past two years we've had the opportunity to shoot with Martin on 4 different occasions.

Our first opportunity to have Martin shoot us was when he volunteered to take pictures for the Humane Society's Wiggle Waggle Walkathon. He took such an amazing photo that we decided that he had to be the one to capture our nuptials.

We then hired him to shoot our engagement, wedding and reception.

He and his wife joined us at a local fair for a perfect engagement shoot and what felt like more of a double date than a photo shoot. A lot less intimidating!

He then joined us for an incredible week in Jamaica for our wedding and thanks to Martin's serious talent we have the photo proof of what a magical time it was for us and our guests.

Last he joined us at our reception at home and again captured the joy and excitement of ourselves and all our friends and family.

Martin has the incredible talent of not only being an amazing photographer, but the talent of capturing your personality, who you are, and the feelings you have in every photograph. We are both somewhat camera shy, but that did not show in the least in any of our photos. The end result perfectly suited who we are as individuals and as a couple.

We recommend Martin to anyone needing a brilliant photographer and we are lucky to have had Martin photograph these incredible moments in our lives and will be lucky to have him photograph more incredible moments to come. He is not simply an amazing wedding photographer, but has the wonderful ability of capturing babies, kids, pets and families. We are happy to not only have met someone with such amazing talent, but someone we can also call friend too.

Even though we have been married for several months, we still receive praise about the incredible photos from our wedding and reception on a daily basis from friends, family and even strangers passing through Facebook.

Thank you Martin for all that you do, you and your talent behind the camera are incredible!